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tv   Newsmakers  CSPAN  October 11, 2009 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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-- captions by vitac -- i will end don't ask, don't tell. that's my commitment to you. >> president obama is once again promising to let gays serve openly in the military. but some activists say a promise is not enough. [ gunfire ] a bar fight turns into a dramatic shootout caught on tape. what you don't see is what happened outside the bar. spinouts, accidents, and i don't have my snow tires on yet, so i was a nervous wreck. >> she's talking about snow that caused a lot of car crashes. find out how people are coping with cold weather that came early. good sunday morning.
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this is "hln news and views." i'm holly firfer in for natasha curry. president obama addressed the largest gay rights group in the country last night. during a rousing speech, he once again promised to pursue an agenda that would bring an end to discrimination against gays, he specifically pointed out the need to end the don't ask, don't tell military policy. and he called for anti-discrimination law for the workplace. >> we know there's far more work to do. we're pushing hard to pass an inclusive employee nondiscrimination bill. [ cheers and applause ] for the first time ever, an administration official testified in congress in favor of this law. nobody in america should be fired because they're gay, despite doing a great job and meeting their responsibilities. it's not fair. it's not right. we're going to put a stop to it. >> despite his well-received speech, some in the gay community remain skeptical of
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president obama's agenda. yesterday, dozens of gay rights advocates gathered at the washington monument. they spoke out about what they say is the president's foot dragging on gay issues. >> i don't think that president obama has done enough. i think that we need action, we need real action and we need it now. so, we are setting up to demand our equal, basic human rights. that's what this is about. >> during last night's speech, the president said he will sign a hate crimes bill. it recently passed out of the house. it expands the definition of hate crimes to include attacks based on sexual orientation and gender identity. people in eastern kentucky are cleaning up after a tornado. this is what a twister did after it struck near liberty on friday. it destroyed at least two mobile homes and took down trees and power lines. thankfully, nobody was seriously injured. northern alabama has some cleaning up to do as well. some power lines were toppled
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and trees came crashing down on homes when another storm hit friday afternoon. folks in colorado are getting more than their share of cold. the temperatures already dropping into the teens at night and snow is everywhere. but dave delosure from affiliate kusa shows us how people are coping with it. >> we weren't expecting this much show. >> reporter: expected or not, what residents of wellington got out of this storm measured just under a foot of snow. >> you blink and the weather changes. >> reporter: robert iford wasn't planning on shoveling snow this soon. >> i had to go buy this one, actually. >> reporter: like his neighbors, he woke up this morning to something he wasn't planning on. >> was i expecting it? not really. i was expecting a skiff, but it's all good. >> it looks nice. i like the snow. except that now it's getting heavy. >> reporter: there's a difference between this and this. >> i like snow. i don't like to drive in it. >> reporter: and neither did people in the metro area.
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>> spinouts, accidents and i don't have my snow tires on yet. i was a nervous wreck. >> reporter: the snow that started around 4:00 a.m. left highways slick and the results were predictable. along i-25 in colorado springs, the ice led to this, a pile-up involved between 20 and 30 vehicles. >> it was really a bad drive. >> reporter: and while today might not have been a good day for baseball -- >> just came down to hit a couple golf balls. >> reporter: for beau park, being all alone here on the driving range doesn't mean he's the only golfer who thought about doing this. >> probably not. most coloradoans are used to playing in this kind of weather. >> reporter: sure, there are other things he could be doing. >> i should be up skiing. >> reporter: but on october 10th in colorado, you have choices. >> both right now. i'm -- i want to go get my skis out, but i think i'll wait a couple more weeks. it's not time to put the clubs away, though. >> again, that was dave delosure of denver affiliate kusa.
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and by the way, that snowy weather also caused the postponement of yesterday's playoff baseball game in denver. we'll have more on that coming up in sports in a few minutes. two people aren't breathing with no pulse. >> not breathing? >> yes. >> okay. is this the result of a shooting or something? >> no, it's a sweat lodge. >> are you there by yourself? >> no, there's a lot of people here. >> okay. get them out of the sweat lodge for one thing. >> yeah, we are. >> police in arizona have released the 911 tapes from a purification ritual that turned deadly. two people died after sitting in a so-called sweat lodge on thursday. 19 other people were hospitalized for a range of problems, including dehydration, burns, kidney failure and respiratory arrest. the people who participated in the sweat lodge were attending a program by self-help guru james ray. >> everybody has the right to believe and practice the way they wish to, but when it endangers the lives of others,
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or when you have to pay for it, that's not a spiritual belief. >> there's nothing evil or wrong about money. that's one of the things that we're taught, more and more in this society that money is evil. it really isn't. it provides wonderful things if you have the ability, you can help many, many people. >> of the 19 people who were taken to the hospital, one is still in critical condition. we have dramatic new video of a shootout caught on tape. take a close look at this unbelievable surveillance video. [ gunfire ] this was the scene after a fist fight turned into an all-out gun battle at a bar in toledo, ohio. people had already scrambled out the door. [ gunfire ] and a few minutes later, a second camera captured several people outside firing into the bar. amazingly, no one was struck, even though as many as 20 shots were fired.
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police are trying to identify the gunmen and figure out what started the shootout. one person died and more than a dozen were injured in the bus crash in idaho last night. the bus was carrying members of a high school marching band from utah. it crashed and rolled onto its side in a ditch near the utah/idaho border. idaho state police say the bus driver, who survived, may have had a medical condition that caused that crash. 49 tons of food intended for people who can't afford it was lost in a florida fire. it broke out at a warehouse where a food bank kept its inventory. the flames never got to the food but they still ruined it for consumption. one volunteer says up to 60,000 people who depend on this bank won't get any food until after the weekend. i am ale reynolds wolf for hln with a look at your forecast. we'll get things started with what you can expect around the country in terms of rain and possibilities of snowfall, too.
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could see snow in the great plains and high elevations you could see up to a foot of snowfall between now and by tomorrow afternoon but look for some snow along parts of i-07 perhaps, maybe even into the dakotas, some places around half a foot at most. in terms of rainfall, looks like most of that is going to be limited to parts of texas along the gulf coast, perhaps in the central part, even the outer banks of north carolina, relatively dry into the ohio valley, into the great lakes, and very breezy for you in parts of northern michigan. now in terms of temperatures that's a whole different story. in parts of florida, it's still summertime. tick a look at that, 90s we can expect for tampa and miami. when you get back in the northern plains, billings, montana, 19 for your high today. 44 in minneapolis. 52 in kansas city. 70 in dallas. 74 in houston. 88 in phoenix. some upper 50s in parts of san francisco, mid-60s for l.a. and as we make our way to the east, new york and boston mainly in the 60s and 70 degrees at our
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nation's capital. that is a wrap on your forecast. i'm reynolds wolf for hln.
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a woman took florida deputies on a wild, high-speed chase with a 7-year-old girl in the backseat. she was clocked at speeds topping 110 miles an hour. and at one point was driving the wrong way, weaving through traffic. she finally crashed into a guardrail after deputies laid black strips on the interstate to puncture her tires. and even after getting out of her car, police say she refused to respond to their commands so they finally tasered her. the child was not hurt in the wreck and was turned over to child protective services. lovers of the macabre are gathering for a funeral, holding a proper burial for edgar allen poe today.
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no announcement of poe's original funeral, few people came. his obituary was written by a man who hated him, and get this, a runaway train eventually destroyed his tombstone. despite an early forecast of drizzle and temperatures reaching only the high 40s, the rockies will play today. almost as cold as the spray in champagne in st. louis by the visiting los angeles dodgers beat the cardinals 5-1, sweeping the series 3-0. dodgers move on to the national league championship series. college football, two weeks after suffering a concussion, kb tim tebow cleared to play by the doctors. he did just that for number one florida. seven, eight white shirts can't get him. they can't.
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finally get him. eight-yard gain. touchdown pass here, and florida gets the win on the road. they remain undefeated over lsu. arm i-vanderbilt game, it hits upright and bounces in and ties the game and we go to overtime at the same end zone, same goal post, the same wind clearly army's alex carton banks one home, the game winner and the cadets get the victory. unbelievable. it's so much easier to play basketball outdoors when it is warm, second straight year of an outdoor nba exhibition game went off bet we are temperatures in the 70s at the tennis stadium in indian wells, california. golden state beating the suns. last year high winds affected the shooting and the fans and players alike complained they couldn't get warm but imagine they tried this in denver with the snow? not happening. that's sports.
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the studios none. and if you're looking for a particular movie, you can go to a website like and reserve it and no it will be there. i'm clark howard. for more ways for to you save a buck, go to >> oh, yeah, clark has more ways for to you save more, spend less and avoid getting ripped off on "the clark howard show" today at noon eastern time, right here on hln.
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the defense department posted an online account of a massive firefight in afghanistan. this battle took place october 3rd and is told by u.s. service members who fought it. >> probably 90 seconds into the fight they ended up hitting one of our generators. so we lost all power. at that point, i made a call up to faubaustic, and basically said we're taking heavy, heavy contact. at that point, i knew that this was something bigger than normal. >> immediately we found out that mortar systems were unable to fire at that time, so we started
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working on other assets to see exactly what fire assets we could use. >> i think the numbers were so more significant than 25 to 30 that we got -- they got 25 to 30 with that initial push. because we were basically surrounded 360 degrees, i think there was significant numbers that allowed them to continue to fight throughout the day. >> my initial impressions were unfortunately we came over the hill, first tried to call them, and we got no response, that everybody was gone. we could tell that everything around them was going to hell. we could hear it in their microphones. we could hear the guns going off. we knew that there was a pretty intense situation they were facing. >> after the aftermath, keating was completely changed. like he said, almost all of the buildings had burned down. there were trees that were cut down, trying to save other buildings from catching fire. and then just remnants of a mass attack afterwards.
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>> eight u.s. troops died in the fighting and more than 100 militants were killed. a wildfire that broke out near a popular resort outside of l.a. last saturday is finally under control. it had burned through more than 11 square miles of brush and destroyed several structures. people living nearby were forced to evacuate, but they have since returned home, but being kept away from the burned area. the cause of the wildfire is being investigated. a member of the irish boy band boyzone has died. the band's website says stephen gately died while he was on vacation in spain yesterday. he is on the far left in this picture. however, it's still unclear how he died. the band had a series of number one hits and albums in britain before breaking up in 2000. they reunited last year. a ucla professor says he was worried enough about a stabbing suspect's mental health to inform the school about it. professor steven frank says 10
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months ago, he told a university administrator about 20-year-old damon thompson after thompson accused frank of taunting him. thompson is accused of stabbing another student in the throat in a chemistry lab. you think you've heard everything about new york? there are lots of hidden spots worth checking out. one of our i-reporter has a few for new today's look at "my city, my secret." >> hi, i'm julio, we're in new york city. and i want to show you some of my best-kept secrets of new york. we're inside the cathedral church of st. john of the vine. this is a hidden gem in new york. people don't know about the musical programs, the outreach to the community the cathedral offers and just the beauty of it. we're here at the hudson river parks pier 54. it's actually the remains of
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what's left of a magnificent pier. for me, it's the place where i end my bike ride on that little bench there, and it also has a very historical significance, because this is where they brought the survivors of "titanic" when they came back. welcome to coney island, usa, this is where new york city ends. this is one of the world's most famous amusement parks. what makes this place very special, it's like stuck in time. i mean, the attractions are the same from years ago. the whole feel, the atmosphere of the place is very old-fashioned, so those are the secrets of my new york city. i want to see your secrets. go to secret, let's see them! one woman is proving that age shouldn't keep you from doing what you want to do. that's how she's reaching new heights and teaching others how to live it up, too.
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